Reitplatz, Reitplatzbau, Unger & Bultmann
Reitplatz, Reitplatzbau, Unger & Bultmann
EQUILON Reitplatzgewebe mit 15 Jahren Funktions-Garantie**
EQUILON Reitplatzgewebe mit 15 Jahren Funktions-Garantie**

equestrian arena woven geotextile

Building a horse-riding arena is more than just putting a layer of sand onto subsoil.


There are a lot of mistakes you can make.


One of the most important concern is stormwater.

Apply a compacted drainage layer (e.g. coarse gravel) to get rid of the water. To ensure that this layer always remains free-draining, it must be prevented from intermixing with the soil underneath. Otherwise clogging of the whole draining system can occur. We recommend: a nonwoven geotextile (150 - 200 g/m²) put under the drainage layer and the drainage pipes. It's the best solution to provide separation.


It is also very important to prevent arena base material is coming up and gravel is showing up in the footing. And vice versa no surface sand may migrate into the gravel. The solution will be:


Separate the drainage layer from the horse arena top layer!


But never use a nonwoven !

For this application we offer EQUILON, a woven separation layer


What will happen if the wrong geotextile is used?

The elongation (caused by tensile forces) of a typical nonwoven is about 60 %.  Tensile forces will be created by horse riding activity. Due to these activities the nonwoven will become overstressed and will be pulled apart. This causes additional length of material. The elongation is not reversible. The result: Folds will be built and they will appear on the surface. These folds are extremely dangerous.

We provide you with a special equestrian arena woven geotextile, produced at your desired arena measurements: EQUILON 45 or EQUILON 60.


Why do we offer a layer produced in one piece?

If overlaps are not properly fixed together, surface sand can migrate between the overlapping layers and this will push the upper geotextile upwards until it appears at the surface. This results in visible fabric strips which are even more dangerous than folds.


A solution to these problems is our one-piece equestrian-arena fabric: EQUILON.


EQUILON 45 (produced for hobby/amateur equestrian areas) or EQUILON 60 (designed for use in professionally used arenas) are prefabricated sheets of woven geotextile. These fabrics are made of high-strength filaments and have a much lower elongation at break than typical nonwovens. This prevents wrinkling of the fabric under tension. No dangerous folds will appear at the surface. (As everybody knows, this can occur when using nonwoven geotextiles)

Both fabrics have high water permeability. Stormwater will disappear completely from the surface.


The overlaps are sewn together to create a single sheet. A special seam is used. You will get one piece of woven geotextile which has exactly the size of your equestrian arena. We recommend using an anchor trench to fix the edges. Please calculate 1,00 m additional material around the sheet.


Based on 20 years of experience, we can now offer you a 15 year guarantee. Covering:

geotextile durability

seam safety

no clogging, no blocking

no folding of geotextile caused by horse riding activity

On the condition that you follow our installation guidelines.



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